I smell a shameless plug with this one…or a silly-ass publicity stunt to revive the comatose career of once popular Hollywood not-so-golden boy, Steve Guttenberg. Remember him from the “Boys from Brazil” (starring Gregory Peck as the mean old nazi man)? Oh yes, and who could forget his shining performance as innocent, good Samaritan in that Hitchcockian rip-off of the classic “Rear Window.” I believe the Steve n Elizabeth (Shue) version was called “Bedroom Window.” *sigh* Anyway, Steve was cute then, so we forgave the bad acting, and learn-method-as-you-go characterizations. Now it seems Steve ain’t so cute and cuddly in that curly-haired, sexy Jewish boy way. Yep Steve should be 50 something by now, but in all fairness, he’s held up well. Just check out his buns…the folks in New York’s Central Park sure did!  Ahh if only he was an obsessive exhibitionist with the need to show his stuff…. Hey Steve! Cawl me!

***Keep in mind there is MUCHO COCK on Youtube, so you can scratch YouTube censorship as a reason for the heavy blurring of Steve’s bits. Crikey! I’ve seen less blurring in Japanese porn!

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  1. LOL too funny. it looks like a stunt for a movie or something