TAnimal Motorhead pops his corkhis guy goes by a few different nick names online (animal_motoerhead, selfsuckingman, timmmaay). Ok I’m kidding about the “Timmaaaay”.  I don’t know him personally, but he sends us these vids and pix of himself performing that ancient art of autofellatio (also known as self sucking). Animal likes high-end excitement. he likes to kick it up a notch with his orgasms by rubbing a motorized toothbrush against uncut chubby penis! Wooo it must feel good, at least to him. Animal proves once and for all that you don’t need a foot long dick in order to self suck the old trouser snake. His is barely 5 inches and just check out how he slurps on his own bone. It’s all in the bending ladies and gentlemen! With that said, girls check him out on Yahoo messenger webcam. Guys he doesn’t mind if you watch, but it’s best if you bring the wife! Yahoo ID’s: animal_motoerhead, selfsuckingman

Vid 1
Vid 2

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  1. hi,my last 2 Yahoo ID’s: animal_motoerhead and selfsuckingman were cracked..grrr
    i ask herewith all of you if you like to add me now under self_suckingman in yahoomessenger…i still like to share my selfsuckpics/vids hoping that you all plaster then the web with them..write to self_suckingman@yahoo.fr
    and,i still like to be captured on webcam when performing selfsucking/autofellatio!