In Europe, and other places where football (rugby and soccer) are the national sports, the players wear only uniforms, consisting of shorts.socks, shoes. Underwear, no matter how loose fitting is apparently optional or skimpy at best. These athletes are hardcore! In the heat of play (or is it battle), knees get kicked, groins pounded, shirts ripped and shorts nearly pulled off! Most pro athletes, and this is a global thing, don’t really care about privacy. Just watch any post-game locker room interview!  It’s so difficult to embarrass these guys, short of a sex tape where their girlfriends are screwing them strapon style!
We ran across the following clip that aired live on Sky sports network. It shows one player dacking another player. I’ve learned from my colleagues that this is quite the norm and one of the reasons women now flock to stadiums of play armed with cameras, binoculars and high-powered telescopes to see all the cock and ball torture on the field. Girls stop being so cheap and just buy tickets for good seats!  By the way, I learned two new terms: dacking and pop-outs! Check out this dacking complete with pop-out of a player named Morley.

Notice how the commentators ignore the obvious, but the camera person certainly doesn’t as he or she zooms in for the kill 3 times AND in slo-mo! Imagine that play shown on the stadium big screen! HAHHAHAH
Download High-resVideoMorley’s Cock-out Pop-out on live TV

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