I don’t see what is so scandalous when a celebrity decides to do porn.   Everyone makes such a big deal about it, especially when it’s a guy.   Goodness forbid if he decides to do guy-on-guy porn like ex-footballer, Stany Falcone.  Falcone played football for a European team  (Racing Mechelen ???).  He  decided after months of dealing with his sports injuries,  and stripping naked for rude women, that life would be much easier as a porn star.  I bet he got more injuries stripping on those “ladies” nights than he did on the field.   Anyway… Stany’s boyfriend approves and that’s all that matters.   Here’s a few hot shots of him, plus an interview in French.  Hey, can anyone translate for me.   Vid-clip after the photo (I hate the phrase, “after the jump”)

Ex-Footballer: Stany Falcone

[youtube zRnJTLWVl18 nolink]

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